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    A: Elation LLC does not compromise on commitment or quality when it comes to our deliverance. As such, the same is expected as well as required of each and every individual that we let into our family-like workforce. This is the key to a mutually progressive & lucrative endeavor all the way around. We look for people with that hunger in their eyes, that spark in their spirit that inspires them to take on challenges and perform even in the most testing of times. That is the reputation that Elation LLC has very deservingly earned in the industry, all because of its committed and dedicated workforce.

    A: If you’re tired of working on mediocre projects, answering to clients who do not take interest in what they want done or are simply want to be part of something that will help you grow not only as a professional but as a human being, with the same intensity as you put in, then Elation LLC just might be looking for you.

    A: With Elation LLC’s mission and values in mind, we say no to no industry. If a client approaches us with something we haven’t done before, we take our time in understanding the concerns and needs and then go ahead with committing our homework. Once the requirement is thoroughly understood, we take of our thinking caps and get to work. So if we haven’t serviced an industry yet, you can rest assured it’s only a matter of time before we do.

    A: Great question. And even though we believe you’ll have to see that for yourself to believe why we have the one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry, the one-liner straightforward answer is consideration. We are considerate towards our employees, balancing workloads so our employees don’t end up working when they should be home with their loved ones. Our policies are stringent towards performance, and in return for an employee’s efforts, they are always rewarded.

    A: At Elation LLC, every client is treated like a member of a family. And the same goes for the employees, whether fulltime or simply consulting. Everyone from white to blue collar is catered to, with flexible and considerate policies taking into special account the nature of the work being committed by the employee and where applicable, other work-related factors.

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