Supply Chain

Improve your visibility into in-bound and out-bound processes, streamline the receiving and shipping processes, optimize your intra-warehouse movements & storage spaces and improvements in incremental sub-processes to increase the efficiency of your overall supply chain.

The supply chain is the backbone of your organization’s merchandise flow. It can function like a well-lubricated engine or act as a bottleneck in the overall system. With the increased complexity of supply chains and a variety of players in the mix – from conglomerates/multinationals to local 3PLs – all competing for market share, accurate measurement and seamless, timely representation of your data become essential. Optimization of integral and incremental processes serves as the foundation for an efficient warehouse management system (WMS). Setting up such a system is imperative if you want to run a highly profitable warehouse and be a desirable partner. Collaborations, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), sharing inventory availability and best price data, and near real-time access to dependable time-sensitive information, are all necessary ingredients for an efficient WMS.

The all-important, million-dollar question to ask is: Can you provide dependable answers to underlying questions such as: What items are needed? When (at what time)? Which quality? How many (in quantity)? Where (at which location)? And all at the right cost?

At Elation, our solution-building and implementation teams have been exposed to such questions since the infancy of this solution – since the early 1990s. We understand the nuances and intricacies of a complex supply chain. Our teams have implemented supply chain solutions for companies of all sizes, across various industries, and in every shape and size, based on the robust platform of Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV.

Elation’s solutions encompass the following features and scenarios:

  • Manage Procurement / Purchase Order processing, Receiving and Put-away, Picking, Packing and Shipping, Cross-docking and directed pick & put-away
  • Inventory Availability by – Event, Period, Variant, Location, BOM Level and Timeline
    Demand planning, Order Planning and Requisition Worksheets
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost by planning optimum levels of stock
  • Integration of Warehouse System and processes with Inventory Management System
  • Inventory to G/L Reconciliation System – End-to-End visibility on both sides of Demand-Supply equation
  • Implement rules and exceptions to rules effectively – Implementation of solid, fact-based, production policies and prompt execution of improvisations to address unforeseen delays, changes and stockouts
  • Increase overall productivity and profitability
  • Organizations with single- or multi-site warehouses


Elation works closely with proven solution providers to extend the value of your Dynamics supply chain solution:

Lanham Associates – Since 1997, Lanham Associates has been creating complementary supply chain planning and execution built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Fully Integrated RF scanning Mobile solution on Android and Windows platform

Barcode Label Printing Solution built on NAV/BC