D365 Talent


Whether it’s the CEO or the blue collar security staff, every single person plays an important role within your organization. Create water-tight policies and clock-work-like stringent strategies for talent management and resource-related administration.

Induction, On-boarding & Orientation

Has your organization grown to the point where your HR department needs to up the ante? Or are you finding some serious flaws in your HR policy now that you’re bringing in new staff to deal with your organizations evolution? Get in the game with the D365 suite with Talent management already built-in for a smoother and much more linear process of induction and related HR/employee-base tasks.

Recruitment & Retention

Getting people on-board is the first step. And the rest of the journey of a thousand miles is all about retaining the people that make your organization the hallmark of service delivery. Optimize your retention strategies with on-point stats and figures, all compiled automatically, ready for presentation and publication, even on the go.

Emotional Intelligence

Are you aware of how your employees feel? Whether that feeling relates to the company culture or their obligations towards their seniors? Can you accurately judge the emotional state of a valued employee and asses the friction between employees and even heads of departments? Track performance and analyze the results for an under-the-hood understanding of what makes your workforce tick.

The Hawethorne Effect

Are your employees effective because they are happy with their treatment? Or is the watchful eye of management the only thing that keeps them going? Make sure you understand the motivation and enhance the factors that motivate your employees to treat their work like an obligation and not just a means for their next pay-check.

Exit Strategies & Interviews

Have you ever heard or read a review about your organization, its culture & practices or maybe its management or employee base? Word of mouth can be a disastrous effect, when credible and competent people have already made up their mind about not joining you. Get all of that out of the way, with strategically understanding what you can do better by analyzing your employee’s responses and concerns.

Change Management

Is your organization changing its structure? Or maybe the domain, all-together? Or perhaps you’re thinking of undertaking a venture which your organization maybe completely new to? Understand how to leverage your human resources when shifting them over to other departments or defining new roles based on reporting mechanisms that take in to consideration, employee backgrounds and their previous performance evaluations.


Headhunting left you scratching your head? Have your previous on-boarding, retention and separation strategies proven flawed or even utterly useless in the face of newer developments? Good news is, this happens everywhere. Even better news is, that the Microsoft D365 Talent suite is geared to take these challenges head-on providing you with the research and tools needed to turn them into specifically-designed, streamlined administrative directives, no matter what your personnel type or base. Built-in features such as SLA management, contractual bindings, and even self-service features enable everything from compliance to performance tracking, revitalizing your HR dramatically.


Whether it be blue collar or white, whether they be freelancers brought in on project bases or a senior level induction, the workforce is what does the work. It’s the actual engine of the whole locomotive of an enterprise and without a sound understanding of the mechanics, repairing and maintaining the most important part of the ensemble is by no means a new challenge. Think out of the box to stay away from being boxed in in an ever-changing, universally-dynamic industrial-spectrum with the numbers you need and the information you want to make sure the people who make your company move forward, aren’t thinking of moving forward themselves.


It is no surprise that in recent years, the leader vs boss fashion has picked up. There is absolutely no doubt in the credibility of the feel-good factors that enable employees and in-turn companies to maximize their throughput and deliver exceptionally well-balanced service and product manifests with the ease and smooth-sailing of an open, communicative, transparent and employee-oriented policy mechanism. Nothing beats a satisfied employee, because when the company thinks of an employee as its own, the feeling is reciprocated ten-folds. Stay ahead of the curve and beat your competition to the finish line, by maximizing retention and reducing separation down to only when and as required.

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