Upgrade NAV 2009 to 2018


Are upcoming challenges making you think over your current choice of platform? Are you just too afraid to upgrade because of the experience others have related about such a move? That’s because making a shift of this sort is never easy, unless you’re on board with the D365 NAV suite.

Up the Ante

Up the ante on core functions of your business or organization with the NAV 365 module meant to bridge the gap between organizational members, external entities as well compliance and regulatory conventions. Take your business collaboration and transparency to the next level with a fully-featured, centralized design meant for communication, availability & reliability.

Backwards Compatibility

Is it any surprise that the powerhouse platform offers you backwards compatibility? Upgrade from the D365 NAV 2009 version to the 2018 suite with a few simple steps. And all that without losing your data or compromising on its confidentiality, integrity or availability. This is what makes Microsoft stay ahead of the game, and its partners on top of it.

The Past vs. The Future

With a decade’s worth of research based over data collected from all industries, organization types and even professional as well as academic personnel the Microsoft D365 NAV modules are integrated both ways, making sure  no matter how large or complex your organization is, everybody can easily transition over to the new design of interface and set of features .

Planning to Plan

Want to make the move? Great news. With integrated features and fully-featured support team, making the shift can literally be as easy as a few clicks. Take your organization’s internal workings in to consideration, make a plan for the move and just let our people either take over and implement the whole system in one go, or try out a piloting program to see what fits your needs best.


Simplicity is often referred to as hidden complexity. Use the Microsoft D365 NAV suite to take your systems and procedures to the next level by conforming to standards developed using industry-wide research and input. Make sure ever y single aspect of your business conforms to the lessons learned the hard way, by companies that have made the mark, or have gone belly up in just a matter of days.

Ease of Use

With the 2018 version, Microsoft has not just focused on empowering you with functionality and performance, but understanding that these systems are meant to be used by laymen as well as technically-trained personnel has specifically crafted interfaces meant to help every single person involved in the used of these systems, so that your technology moving forward doesn’t leave your workforce lagging far behind.


If you’ve been using the Microsoft D365 suite, you’ll certainly be satisfied with the feature set. But if you’ve been around for a while, you’re sure to have been using the 2009 suite, which is great for all things organizational and enterprise. However, companies stay ahead of the competition by staying up to date with current trends, technologies and practices. The 2018 suite of D365, which has been rebranded as the Microsoft D365 Business Central module is meant to bring you up to date with current trends and practices so you stay secure and your service stays reliable. Without a doubt or a glitch, the 2018 suite is meant to up the ante for your personnel, consumers and even those third-party affiliations that cross regional borders and even standard scopes of business. And with the latest security features directly implemented in the cloud-based architecture you just can’t go wrong no matter how complex your organizational structure or collection of capabilities.


For those of you who have already subscribed to the 2009 version of the suite, you will know the hassle of not having capabilities such as mobile-based apps and cloud-based availability of soft and virtual resources. Furthermore, with technological developments advancing as fast as lightning itself, the 2009 suite lacked integration of many apps and service available world-wide now.


Confidentiality, Integrity and availability of data is the triad that allows organizations to survive. Updated models and techniques of operation are what catalyze the company’s growth. And this was the notion behind the latest suite of Microsoft’s D365 NAV, namely Business Central. Automated integration with apps and services which didn’t even exist a decade ago, now help you move from channel to channel with the ease of a few clicks. On top of that, security improvements, design changes and progressive back-end development means the 2018 suite will leave you in shock and awe over what you’ve been missing up till now.